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Rolex Air King Replica Watches

Rolex Air King Replica Watches, named after the Regatta Les Voiles de St. Bart, which takes place in French West Indies is the first timekeeper dedicated to sailing. The inspiration for the new watch determined its features. It has a flyback timer, a countdown, and a second time zone UTC that can also be used to navigate in both hemispheres. This large mechanical automatic timepiece with a titanium casing will be sold in limited editions of 100 pieces, and will only be available in the Americas. The price of the timepiece is $150,000.

Regatta Inspired Features Rolex Air King Replica Watches decided to create its first watch that is dedicated to yachting, which it sees as the sport that best represents its values and its sense of luxury. The main features of RM-60-01 have been adapted to suit the purpose of the watch.Replica Watches This is a clear indication of the spirit of yachting. The watch features a bidirectional rotating bezel, with cardinal points and 360-degree graduations. This bezel's role is to facilitate navigation. To do this, you must know the local time as well as be able see the current sun position. The UTC hand is pointed at the Sun once the local time has been adjusted using the bezel. The scale on the bezel is a compass that can be used after the operation.

This procedure can be done regardless of where the wearer is situated. The graduations of the Northern Hemisphere are in green, while the ones for its opposite are in white. The UTC hand, when not being used for the compass, is often used to display the time in the other time zone.

There are also other functions in line with the watch's intended use. Flyback chronograph is one of the most notable. The stopwatch feature of this type allows for the resetting and stopping of the chronograph by a single press. This is especially helpful when sailing or other demanding activities are involved.Cartier Ballon Bleu Replica Watches There is also a patented locking mechanism that allows the wearer of the watch to block the pushers, preventing accidental resets.

A countdown timer of 30 minutes is also available for regatta participants to help them determine the right time to begin the race. The countdown is located at the nine o'clock and has a 60-minute disc in place of a standard hand. The pilot can read both the remaining and elapsed minutes simultaneously. In a sense, the countdown timer is also a minute counter. The stopwatch function has an hour mark that is supported. This is a unique feature. This totalizer can keep track of time for up to 24 instead of 12 hours.

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