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e-Sports Law

E-sports, an exciting and constantly developing industry with many actors, needs a well-regulated legal framework in order to expand sustainably. At Güzeloğlu, we provide legal services regarding e-sports by building our strategy on a solution-oriented approach.

In the last thirty years, it is not a secret that technological infrastructure accommodating video games has advanced rapidly as a result of developments in numerous disciplines of science. Video games, which may make one to reprogram his time perception, has teamed up with numerous ground-breaking high-tech capabilities, including virtual reality, wearable gaming gear, augmented reality and cloud gaming. In parallel with this, online streaming services such as Twitch and Hitbox have enable millions to reach and join a big community, which was eventually named e-Sports. Today, according to market researchers like Newzoo, it is estimated that e-Sports industry will reach a financial growth of USD 1,5 Billion and attract over 500 Million world citizens by 2020.

E-sports, which is competitive video gaming by individual players or teams for a designated prize on national or international sphere, possesses a vibrant, synergetic and ever-developing community composed of game publishers, competitions that are held regularly, players, teams that are established on their own initiative and other leagues. Importantly, competitive nature of e-Sports has driven major professional actors in the global and domestic industries, including Turkey, to review their relations with other parties in terms of legal context.

At this point, Güzeloğlu offers, below exemplified services with its dynamic and solution-oriented team.


  • Drafting and revising contracts of e-Sports players between their teams, sponsors and leagues;


  • Representing e-sports players before disciplinary bodies regarding disciplinary measures and alleged doping violations;


  • Representing e-sports players, league and competition organizers before competent authorities in context of labor and social security law, intellectual property law and tax law;


  • Assisting in establishment of good-governance mechanisms that promotes integrity and sustainability before competent international and national federations, including Turkish Developing Sports Federation, in light of legal regulations and principles;


  • Devising legal instruments in order to secure conduct of e-sports organizations on the grounds of integrity and fairness, along with eliminating any action that could jeopardize outcome of such organizations, in cooperation with relevant bodies, teams and players;


  • Drafting and revising broadcasting contract regarding streaming of e-Sports event between streaming operators, competition organizers, teams or players.