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Intellectual Property Law

At Güzeloğlu, we provide our Clients a full-service legal assistance in the area of intellectual property law. We duly register your trademark, industrial design or copyright (tv, music, cinema, software), seek its effective protection and draft comprehensive licence agreements.
We assist our Clients with:

  • National and international registration of trademark, copyright, industrial design and geographic indication
  • Filing petitions before Turkish Patent Institutions, WIPO and other relevant authorities
  • Following up on illegal actions such as piracy, counterfeiting and unauthorized use
  • Protection of registered IP rights through litigation and arbitration
  • Drafting license, collaboration, joint venture and franchising agreements

Intellectual property rights, by their nature, are more vulnerable to infringements.  Therefore it is important to follow an efficient path in their registration and protection process in order to eliminate or minimize the risk of any infringements.  In this respect, Güzeloğlu Attorneys at Law provides its clients an effective legal service taking into consideration the unique structure of the intellectual property rights area.

Our aim is to construct the most suitable road map that fits our Clients’ needs. In this regard, we closely follow up the intellectual property rights developments on national and international levels. Accordingly, we advise our clients throughout their registration processes before Turkish Patent Institute, WIPO and other authorities.

Some of the special areas that we advise our Clients on include trademark, industrial design, copyright (TV, music, cinema…) and software protection.

Güzeloğlu Attorneys at Law takes the necessary legal steps to stop the illegal actions of the third parties such as piracy, counterfeiting and unauthorized use which violates the intellectual property right in question and initiates lawsuits to seek compensation for such actions.

Furthermore, we draft extensive license agreements between the owner of an intellectual property right such as a patent, utility patent, trademark or a copyright and the third parties who are authorized to use such rights and take part in the registration procedure of such agreement before the relevant authorities. Aside from this, we draft collaboration, joint venture and franchising agreements depending on the circumstances and in accordance with the Clients’ needs.